What are Referrals in PTC Sites? – Why Important?

What are Referrals in PTC Sites? - Why Important?

How Referrals affect the Earnings in PTC Sites?

If you are stepping into a PTC site then it is important to you to know about Referrals in PTC sites. Because they play a most important role in your earning in PTC sites. This article will help you to increase your earnings in PTC sites. 

Types of Referrals?

In simple language, you can say that the person who works for him as well as indirectly works for you. Means, You will get a commission from his earnings. This commission from referrals varies from sites to sites. Some offer 40% and some offer 50% etc. You can Categorize these referrals into Two Category

  • Rented Referrals
  • Direct Referrals

What are Direct Referrals in PTC sites?

Those persons who register through your referrals link provide by PTC sites are termed as Direct referrals. These the best source of income in PTC sites. Because you don’t have to pay anything to PTC sites to get their commission. More Direct Referrals means you will earn more free income. But point to be noted is that “you have to click a minimum of 4 Ads to earn commission fro your Direct Referrals tomorrow.” The number of compulsory Ads varies PTC site to sites. You need to click only these compulsory Ads if you have referrals either Direct Referrals or Rented Referrals to earn a commission from them.

Direct Referrals are Best to Passive Income in PTC sites. Try to get as many Direct Referrals. There are many ways which you can apply to get Direct Referrals.

Direct Referrals in OJOOO

What are Rented Referrals in PTC Sites?

Every PTC sites offer Rented referrals. Means those members who were registered without any referrals link i.e, which were didn’t referred my anyone is free to buy as your referrals. These are called Rented Referrals because you can only rent for specific periods of time i.e,  you have to pay to PTC sites to get them as your Rented Referrals. In most of the PTC sites commission from Rented Referrals is more than that of Direct Referrals. The cost of Rented Referrals is approximately 💲0.2 for 1 month in most PTC sites. Buying Rented Referrals increase your burden in PTC sites because if they didn’t click Ads you will not get any commission. means you will lose your money. In most cases, you will earn a profit from them.

Don’t Buy Rented Referrals using money from your pocket unless you afford to lose. Because most of the PTC sites you find on the internet are Scam. 

Rented Referrals in OJOOO
Rented Referrals in Neobux

Which Referrals should you focused more on PTC sites?

Both Direct and Rented Referrals are necessary to earn good money from PTC sites. If you have much more Direct Referrals then you have nothing at Risk. So I prefer to get as much as Direct Referrals. How to Get More Direct referrals?

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