Utilize Scam PTC Sites| 100% Working Tips

Utilize Scam PTC Sites| 100% Working Tips

How to Utilize Scam PTC Sites – My Experienced With Scam Sites.

Nowadays, the Internet is full of scams. Many scam sites come and go, and this will also continue in the future. If you already trapped in scam online earnings sites, this article is for you. I will explain how to deal with those sites. So, here are my suggestions to utilize scam PTC sites that you have already started working in.

Get Idea about Scam PTC sites:

I know, it feels very hart when you came to know that this site cheating on you in which you are working for a month. If you have earning without investment then it is somewhat okay but in the case in already invested in it then, it will be a great problem for you. Whatever you do Scam PTC sites will never let you withdraw money or they will never pay you. In this article, I will give you Tips to deal with Scam PTC sites which are currently not paying to anyone but still online. But those sites which suddenly go offline, there is nothing to do it with them.

Never Invest in online sites Unless you are ready to loose or you can afford to loose that money.

My Experienced with scam PTC sites:

This was in 2017, I came to know about PTC sites. I used to register every site whichever I thought I would work in the future. I was completely wrong. online one sites survive i.e., OJOOO, and all other sites like Enclix, Siteclix, etc. are vanished. These all are Scam PTC sites. Enclix was the first to be offline, after that, I got the idea that those other sites were also a scam. I just used my mind, I quickly bought Ad packs using my Main balance on other sites and I started to run Ads on whichever sites I used to work at that time. Since they were not going to pay me so I do that. Honestly, I was surprised to see that I got many Direct referrals, OJOOO which is currently known as Queen of PTC. I was able to make 💲19.75 in PayPal from OJOOO without investment. I leave working in ojooo after a few months because they stopped paying with PayPal and started paying with Cryptocurrencies. Now again I am working with from one month ago Because Now I want to earn cryptocurrencies. Wow, ojooo is doing great till now.

What to do with Scam PTC sites:

At last, I would say that please don’t give up too early and use your mind. Buy Ads Packs to draw Referrals to your Legit sites which you believe in or buy PTSU (Paid to Sign Up) credit. At least you will get some referrals. All the time you have wasted on these scam sites will be worth it. Here is what I have to tell you. 

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