Tips to Get More Valid Hits to Rotate4all PTP Link

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Tips to Get More Valid Hits to Your Rotate4all PTP Link from Traffic  Exchange Websites

Are you looking for a platform to earn money online just for doing simple tasks? Are you looking for the best strategy to get more valid hits to the Rotate4all PTP link? then this post might help you to earn some extra money online. PTC (Paid to Click), PTP (Paid to Promote) and GPT (Get  Paid to) websites are the most popular websites nowadays to earn some extra money online. Here you don’t need to work hard, you don’t have to use your skills to earn money but there are some exceptions in GPT sites. There you will need to use some knowledge and skills also in the meantime your personal profile should be strong.

This post is about getting as much as valid hits to Rotate4all PTP link because PTP and PTC sites are best and easy to earn money online for all types of people. Here in this post, we are going to discuss PTP (Paid to promote) websites. This

What are PTP websites?

PTP stands for “Paid to Promote”. You will be get paid for promoting their link. On signing up they will provide you a unique link to promote. More hits you draw to your link, more you will get paid. Most of the PTP sites count both unique and non-unique hits. The payout rates for each valid hits depend upon the website to websites. 
Rotate4all count up to 12 levels of non-unique hits, means you will be get paid if somebody visits Rotate4all PTP link from the same IP less than or equal to 12 times. Your Payout rates will gradually decrease by increasing the level of non-unique hits. Some of the PTC sites also provide you a PTP link to earn money by promoting your Referrals link but the disadvantage about these types sites is that you will only get their top CPC (Cost-Per-Click) if you would be able covert your traffic into Signup. You have to get a minimum of one signup to your referral link per 1000 hits to get their highest CPC rates. 

Rotae4all is the Best PTP websites. You don’t have to worry about any Conversion of you traffic into Signups. Also you can earn Money up to $0.4 per day just by surfing all websites. 

What is Rotate4all? provides an opportunity to earn money online through Surfing web pages and promoting their link. In short, we can say that you can earn money in Rotate4all by surfing web pages and promoting your PTP link. This website is online since 2013, thus this site has very good trust. Here in this post, I am going to give you some tips to maximize the earnings in Rotate4all. Before that let’s have a quick look at Rotate4all.
Benefits for Members/Publishers in Rotate4all:

  • Earn money by promoting your PTP (Paid to Promote) link.
  • Also, you can earn money by surfing advertisements.
  • Earn 20% of your referrals activity (No limits).
  • Multiple Payout options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Revolut, Perfect Money, Payeer, AirTm.
  • Detail tracking of your activity.
  • Extra bonus on your activity.
  • Fast payment (within 24 hours).

Benefits for Advertiser in Rotate4all:

  • You can advertise up to 5 links at a time.
  • You can change your URL once in 24 hours.
  • Both Rotator and Banner advertising available.

As a publisher, you can earn unlimited but it depends on your ability. You can earn $0.4 per day just for surfing their advertisement. Payout rates for each advertisement surf change after every 250 pages surfed means there is 5 level for surfing advertisement. Below you can see the payout rates for each level. The timer for each advertisement/web page is 5 sec.

  • 1-250: $0.00015 per page.
  • 251-500: $0.00025 per page.
  • 501-750: $0.00030 per page.
  • 751-1000: $0.0004 per page.
  • 1000-1250: $0.0005 per page.
Tips to Get More Valid Hits to Your Rotate4all PTP Link from Traffic  Exchange Websites
My withdrawal option appeared

How to earn money from

You have to surf 1250 web pages in a day to earn $0.40, this seems to be hard but in actual it is not that hard to surf all web pages, and also It is better than any of the PTC (Paid-to-Click) sites which allow very low earnings per day. Let’s discuss this in another post. Now coming to the point, I prefer you to use a mobile device to surf advertisements. You can surf anywhere, whenever you get free time, and also loading speed is very high in mobile devices as compared to Laptops or PC. 
Secondly, there is no limit to having referrals means you can have thousands of referrals without any upgrade which means you can earn a passive income from your referrals if you have the ability to gather referrals. I have already written a post on providing some tips to gather referrals.

Third and lastly, you can earn unlimited by promoting your PTP link if you have a good place to promote it. The most commonplace for promoting your PTP link are – Manual Traffic Exchanges, PTC Websites, Grid & Prize programs, Social sites, and Revshare sites. You will find a list of recommended websites inside itself. In this post, I am focusing on getting valid hits to your PTP link from Manual Traffic exchange websites and also maximizing the earnings from a PTP websites specially Rotate4all.

Don’t promote your PTP link in a blacklisted website by Rotate4all, this can lead your account get suspended. 

Payment proof of

I had received my first payment from Rotate4all of $5.11 in PayPal. I have currently $9.00 in my account but I don’t want to withdraw until I reach $20.00 in my account. This is just because more you withdraw less you have to pay commission. 

Payment Proof of Payment proof – $5.11

How to get more Valid Hits to Rotate4all PTP link?

There are several ways, several websites to promote a PTP link. But here we are going to discuss promoting your PTP link in and getting as much as valid hits to your PTP link.  It is very difficult to get valid hits to your Rotate4all PTP link from EasyHit4U. It is just because both the websites are very common and trusted so everyone uses it. 

Then how can we get more valid hits to a PTP link from traffic exchange websites? Don’t worry I have a solution for this. 

I recommend you to use EasyHits4U TE websites to promote any PTP link. This is the best and trusted TE of time. I tried other TE programs but it didn’t work. In most of the sites I didn’t even get proper visits means, suppose I had credited more than 200 visits but in reality, I only got 50-100 visits. Their statistic was very much unrealistic. This is the reason why I personally prefer to use EasyHits4U.

Now, a solution to get more valid hits to your PTP link is that using Geo targeting while you promote. Geo-targeting to get more valid hits is not about targeting to a country like the USA, Canada, etc, it’s about knowing the timing of that country to which you want to target and start promoting at the very beginning of the day. You can learn to use Geo-Targeting in EasyHits4U. Let’s explain how I do it.

How I Promote my PTP link?

I am from India and I know my country standard time very well. So, I target my PTP link to India only. I always start my advertisement after 12 AM this is because a new day starts after this time. Mostly a very few people will see my advertisement (PTP link) and after morning time my advertisement (PTP link) will take a boost. Whoever will visit my PTP link will be a fresh one and I will get credited the maximum CPC for this unique visit. This is just a common sense that I have used to get more valid hits to my PTP link. It really worked very well. Whatever Invalid visit I received is not because of non-unique hits, it’s only due to small screen resolution. There is nothing to do with that. It just depends on your luck.

Tips to Get More Valid Hits to Your Rotate4all PTP Link from Traffic  Exchange Websites
Valid hits from EasyHits4U Traffic Exchange

Valid hits from any PTC site (should not be blacklisted by is very high. But you have to spend money to advertise on a PTC site. which doesn’t make any sense because in most of the PTC sites you have to pay $1 just to receive 1000 hits and for 1000 hits (if unique) you will receive only $0.40 from Rotate4all. 
My advice to you is that gather as much as Referrals, as much as credit in TE (Traffic Exchange), surf all the advertisements of Roate4all, and maximize the earnings. 

Is getting Invalid Hits to Rotate4all PTP link lead to account suspension?

No, getting Invalid Hits will not lead your account to suspension but promoting in the blacklisted sites may put your account into danger. This is the first question that came into my mind after getting Invalid visit while promoting my PTP link. So I contact the Rotate4all team and they replied to me this.

Tips to Get More Valid Hits to Your Rotate4all PTP Link from Traffic  Exchange Websites
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