Rotate4all.Com Payment Proof – PayPal, Skrill, etc.

Rotate4all.Com Payment Proof - PayPal, Skrill, etc.

Are searching for a best and legit PTC ( Paid to Click) website or a PTP (Paid to Promote) then this site may help you to earn some extra cash online. Yes, you heard right, it is really possible to earn money online through You will need no skills to do it. So, I am here to give you my payment proof from to prove the legitness of this site.

3+ Payment Proof in PayPal and Skrill

If you are working on a website by aiming to gather some extra cash online, this is obvious that you would expect payments for your work. But in some cases, most of the online earning website vanished. They don’t even pay a single penny to anybody. is not one of them. This is a very legit website and it is very easy to earn from this site. Please have a look at what is?

What is

This is a PTC (Paid to Click) and PTP (Paid to Promote) website that helps people to earn money by surfing and promoting their sponsor’s websites/advertise. The reason behind that I liked this website is, this is 100 genuine website in this market. Also, you don’t need any skills to earn through this website.

Payment Proof From – Does Pays?

I am working on this website for more than a month. This website provides the easiest way to earn some extra cash online. This is the reason why I am sticking with I have already published a post explaining the working method of There you will find the best ways to maximize the earnings in

Now, coming to the point that I have promised you to show i.e, payment proof Yes, rotate4all does pays you on time. There are several methods through which you can payout your earnings. I have payout my money thrice from this website. Two are from my own account in PayPal and one payout from my sister’s account through Skrill. Below you can see my payment proof from The interesting part is I have received my payment within 12-24 hours although they take time of 48 hours.

Payment in PayPal

Rotate4all.Com Payment Proof - PayPal, Skrill, etc.
first payment that I have received from
Rotate4all.Com Payment Proof - PayPal, Skrill, etc.
Second payment from

Payment in Skrill

Third Payment from

PTC/PTS or PTP – Which is the best in

Before I tell you my suggestion, first let’s know what are PTC, PTS, and PTP. PTC stands for Paid to Click, PTS stands for Paid to surf and PTP stands for Paid to Promote. PTC and PTS are almost the same. here you will be paid for Clicking or surfing websites. In PTP you have to promote the link given the website that you are working on to earn money.

My suggestion for this is that, if you enough time to surf the website you can earn through PTC/PTS. But if you don’t have ant time to surf the website then you may choose PTP. Remember one thing while choosing PTP, you have to find a good source to promote your PTP link.

Conclusion about Rotate4all

Yes, this is one of the best genuine websites on the internet to earn money online. But, remember one thing, this website is not gonna make you rich. This is just for fun and earning a little bit of extra cash. You can keep trust on this website. I didn’t found any cheating regarding my earning statistic. Lastly, you can decide after watching my payment proof from

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