PyroBux.Com Review – Updated – Scam or Legit PTC?

PyroBux.Com Review - Updated - Scam or Legit PTC?

Is PyroBux Legit or Scam? – Review for

If you are thinking of working on a New Paid to Click (PTC) sites then it is necessary to do some basic (reviews, payment proof, etc.) research about those Sites. Nowadays, Many Paid to Click sites are a Scam. They will give you nothing after doing a month of hard work. Here I am to giving my review for, a newly launched Paid To Click Sites.

About is more than 5 months old (updated) at the time of writing this blog. This site has 808 Registered Member till Now. Here are some feature of

Benefits for member – Review: offers Paid to clicks Advertisement as their main source for earnings. This site also has PTSU (Paid to Signup) offers, Head and Tail betting Game as well Offer wall. Here are some benefits which are provided by for their Members-

  • Earn up to $0.04 per click
  • Earn up to $0.01 per referral click
  • Earn up to $0.15 to $8.00 by completing PTSU offers.
  • About 20 Advertisement displayed per day etc. also has Gold Membership to increase your earnings. Pyrobux offers payment through PayPal, PAYEER, Skrill, Coin2Send.

Fact Check For – Is Benefits mention on are correct?

First, Earning up to $0.04 per click is not possible because no advertiser will spend such a huge amount get traffic to their site. Forgetting about that, I can only see Paid to clicks Ads of only $0.00075 per click for Standard as well as Gold members. Secondly, since there are no high paying ads, therefor earning $0.01 from Referrals is not possible in Pyrobux. Yes, It is true that there are about 20 Advertisements to Click. The Advertisement can be Categorize in 5 categories namely – Gold($0.00075 Per Click), Standard ( $0.00075 Per Click), Micro($0.000375 Per Click), Bonus($0.0000375 Per Click), and Do not Click( you will be not Rewarded). This is the Advertisement and their Cost I have seen consistently for a week. There are no higher value Ads available other than these. 

Disadvantages Of Review

This site has many disadvantages as I already mentioned some of them in the above section. Some more Disadvantages are –

  • Every time you click anything i.e, Register button, Earn Money button, etc. (practically whichever button you Click) Ads will popup or they will redirect you so some other sites. I tried about 7 times click the register button but didn’t get a register link. 
  • The cost of an Advertisement in Pyrobux is much less than the time required to view them.
  • You have to Click Admin’s Ads to unlock Paid to Click Ads.
  • You have to a minimum of 7 Paid to Click Ads to Earn from your Referrals.
PyroBux.Com Review - Updated - Scam or Legit PTC?
Admin Ads You Must Click to Unlock Other Ads in Pyrobux

How to overcome Pop Ads in

Here are Tips to overcome those Redirecting and Popup Ads. Never click on the Letters written on the button. For Example – Don’t Click on the “Register” word in the register button. Instead, click on the Background of Register button.

PyroBux.Com Review - Updated - Scam or Legit PTC?
Click on the Background of  Words written on the Button – review
Don’t Click on Words Inside the Button –

Should I (You) Start working in

Yes, but don’t depend on this website. This website still has the chance to turn out a scam. Also, don’t invest a big amount on this site. It is better to gather some direct referrals to make your earnings grow.

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