PTCSHARE Review in 2020 – Is it worth it?

PTCSHARE Review in 2020 - Is it worth it?

Is PTCSHARE or is a good choice to earn money in 2020?

PTCSHARE Review in 2020 - Is it worth it?

Nowadays Paid to Click services are good sources earnings some extra money online without any effort. Many of the sites promise to give a huge amount of money to their user but this is a well-known fact that this is not 100% true. Most of them are just for saying, they do not have such a well platform to give an opportunity for earning passive money. Is PTCSHARE is one of them whose business model failed by the passes of time? Here is a PTCShare review in 2020.
This post we are going to discuss the business model of We will see Is PTCSHARE offering people what they had used to offer earlier. Is it possible to make good earnings from

What is the business Model of – What they offer to their member?

The first thing this is not like other PTC sites. You will not any Paid Ads to click at first when registering into First, have to watch 8 Activation Ads to get Paid Ads on the Next day. You will be rewarded 5 BAP points for each activation Ads you click. Now next you will get Paid to Clicks for those BAP points you have. But it is no that you will get Paid Ads for all BAP points you have. Only a portion of it will be consumed and you will get Ads value for only that portion which means more BAP points you have, you will get more high-value Ads to Click on the next day.

You have to see these activation Ads every to increase your BAP points. Also, If you buy Bulk Ads then you will get 2300 (approx.)of BAP points, 100 visits to your site, and also some banner hits. This is the main business model they used. Like other Paid to Click sites (PTC) they too provide an offer to earn money.

PTCSHARE Review in 2020 - Is it worth it?
Activation Ads in

My investment in

Now, coming to the point I invested on the first day when I registered into PTCSHARE because this site is by the team of Paidverts, which is a Legit PTC site. Also, I am the user of since their launching date, therefore I can tell you Is their business model is progressing or going down day by day. Although most of the information is on the home page of, so I will not talk about those points here.

I had Invested $3 into and got almost 6000 or 5000 BAP points (I don’t remember exactly because it was in 2019). I used to get very high value of ads every day, almost $1, $0.5, sometimes $0.2 of Ads pack every day. When my account balance reached $1 then I used to invest again You will see on the homepage of about how much value Ads they provided yesterday. Earlier It was $1000- $1200 every day, but by the passes of it gradually decreases.

PTCSHARE Review in 2020 - Is it worth it?
Recent Daily Ad Issue Stats in

Now it is almost $300 -$400 every day, which is 3-4 times less than previous daily Ads value they were provided. At this time has 199966+ Members. Let’s take a simple calculation, distribute their Ads value of one day i.e., $300-$4000 to every member, then each member will get only $0.0017 (approx.) value of Ads every day. Means If you Invest in then you will not able to recover money in short. It will take a very long time. In 2020 it is not worth having Thousands, of BAP points in you, will, you will not receive a Good Value of Paid to Clicks Ads every day since they didn’t have sufficient Advertiser to provide high-value Ads every day. 

Final Review of PTCShare in 2020

If you want to earn from by without Investing in 2020 then this will be not possible to earn by using they are Paid to Click services. If you are from a city If you qualify for most of the online survey then is good for you but If you don’t then just don’t Register into it. Find another PTC site like Ojooo, Neobux, etc. 
Now, coming to my Experienced with, I stopped working in PTCshare from the month of December. I just get bored with PTCSHARE since I used to get only a small value of Ads each day although I had 20 Thousand BAP points in my Account and I let my Investment go. When I see Ads of Ptcshare.Com, I remember about PTCSHARE and now I am reviewing site in 2020.

Now the Final conclusion for the PTCSHARE review in 2020 is “Is it possible to earn a good amount of money from” is that It is not Profitable to work in Ptcshare.Com. Don’t waste your time by working in

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