NeoBux Rented Referrals Review in 2020

NeoBux Rented Referrals Review in 2020 - Is NeoBux Still The King of PTC?

NeoBux Rented Referrals Performance in 2020 – Good or Bad? – Review!!

NeoBux Rented Referrals Performance in 2020

If you are into any PTC sites or if you have ever worked in a Paid to Click (PTC) sites then you may hear about NeoBux and its Rented Referrals. Every person who is working in online earning sites then most of them know about Neobux. NeoBux is the Oldest Paid to Click (PTC) site till Now. NeoBux is known as the King of PTC  But the question is “Is NeoBux has still that potential to keeping it up as the King of PTC (Paid to Click)?”. Here I am writing a review of Neobux Rented Referrals from my personal experience.

Now, NeoBux is not a new site to discuss their trust issue, they already earned that trust. They have millions of members who are earning a great income from Neobux Rented Referrals and also Neobux had already paid millions of dollars to their members. Now you might think If this site is that much good, then why I am writing a Review for Neobux rented referrals in 2020? You will get the answer right in this post. One thing I want to clarify that I am not writing this new review of NeoBux to those who can invest a high amount in Neobux. But if you are a person who is searching to make money online without any Investment then this most might deeply help you out.

What is NeoBux?

NeoBux or is Paid to Click (PTC) sites. Except for this NeoBux also has many other options for their member to earn money. So you may also consider NeoBux as a GPT (Get Paid to) sites but NeoBux is mostly famous for Paid to Click Sites. Neobux has many payout methods, these are Skrill, AirTM, Neteller. Recently they also added Tipalti means Bank Transfer, PayPal, etc. The minimum Payout from NeoBux through Neteller, AirTM, and Skrill is only $2 but minimum payout through Tipalti is $5. 

NeoBux categorizes its advertisement by color. The most important advertisements are Orange Ads. You have to click these Orange Ads to earn from your Referral and in the meantime, only these Orange Ads click from your referrals is credited to your account which a disadvantage for you. One more thing to keep in mind is that you have to click these Orange in according to NeoBux sever not according to your Local time. If it is written “Your Advertisement Reset at 1:05” then You have to click Orange Ads after this reset time and so on. 

If you Click today morning for the First time Next Day don’t forgot check server time before clicking Orange Ads.

Mine Experienced with NeoBux – without any Investment

I had joined NeoBux on 27 February 2020. I was very excited to join because I was listening so much thing about more than 3 years back but I was unable to join NeoBux because I didn’t have a Computer or Laptop before that. Now, Let me tell you what was my experience of working in NeoBux. At the beginning day, I started doing some surveys and I earned $2.06 on the very first day. Getting a survey was a big deal for me because I am a village boy. My geolocation doesn’t fit any survey profile. I don’t know how I got matched with those surveys. After that, I didn’t any got any survey. 

Now coming to the point since I had already known about the strategy and I also had experienced working in a Paid to Click (PTC) site, I bought 10 Neobux Rented Referrals in the next Day. If I would buy Rented referrals on the first day I would not earn anything from my referrals on the next day. After I bought those Rented Referrals, Nest day I saw they are doing great. Their Average Click was 3 point something. The real thing happened after a few days, I saw that those Rented Referrals are going downgrade i.e, their click average was gradually going down. I tried recycling but nothing worked. and after a month I stopped buying Rented referrals to checked how much I have actually earned. I have never seen a Rented Referrals that have a click average of more than 1. Below you can see my Referrals list. 

NeoBux Rented Referrals Review in 2020 - Is NeoBux Still The King of PTC?
Earnings from my Rented Referrals in Neobux

Calculation of Earnings in NeoBux.Com from all Sources:

Now, let’s see what I have earned, I have clicked 754 Ads till now and my referrals clicked only 751 Ads. Including the earnings from my own click and my Rented Referrals clicked I have only earned $1.787. That means I had earned $0.754 from my own Advertisement Click and I had earned only $1.033 from my Rented Referrals Ads click. You can my current balance in my account. I didn’t withdraw any amount from NeoBux. 

NeoBux Rented Referrals Review in 2020 - Is NeoBux Still The King of PTC?
My Dashboard in NeoBux – I have been Active Every Day

As I had already mentioned that on the first day I had earned $2.06 by doing a survey. Now, lets the simple calculation I have done to explain my earnings from NeoBux. You will see Is Neobux is profitable for those who want to earn money from NeoBux without any Investment. 
My Estimated Earnings from NeoBux without Buying Rented Referrals

  • Earnings from Survey in NeoBux: $2.06
  • Earnings from Ads Click: $0.754
NeoBux Rented Referrals Review in 2020 - Is NeoBux Still The King of PTC?
My and Rented Referrals Click – NeoBux

Actual Earnings from NeoBux after buying Rented Referrals

  • Earning from my Referrals Click (751 Click): $1.033
  • Earnings from My Own Ads Click: $0.754
  • Total Balance after ending all referral Rent Period: 1.787

Now looked I was supposed to get more than $2.76 which I have earned from my own Ads click and by doing a survey. But after expiring all Rented Referrals period I have earned only $1.787. That means I have lost $0.973 after buying Rented Referrals. 

Final Review of NeoBux Rented Referrals – Is it worth?

You may have seen many strategies to earn more than $6 in just a single day from NeoBux. All these strategies are just only theory. These strategies will only work if you Rented Referrals has an average click of more than 3. Also in the meantime, many people show their earnings from NeoBux in thousands of dollars. But you should one think they have top-level membership with thousands of Direct Referrals, from which they don’t even need to buy rented referrals. They earned from those referrals just for free and multiplying their earning through their paid membership, also these members are very old.

Now, my suggestion to work in NeoBux in 2020 without any Investment is that “don’t waste your time in Neobux.” They give priority to only for old and Paid members. They don’t even think of new and unpaid members. I might that you will gather a lot of Direct Referrals but this also very hard to get Direct Referrals in NeoBux.These are the Reason which makes difficulty in getting Direct Referrals in neobux

  • Clicking Ads in NeoBux only allow in Laptop/Computer.
  • NeoBux already has millions of Referrals which make popular and those are in this field already a member of NeoBux.

Summarization The Final Review of NeoBux.Com:

So my final opinion about NeoBux is that Neobux is not a King of PTC. Working in NeoBux without any investments is a very bad decision and please avoid this and try to search some other Paid to Click Sites (PTC) like GPTplanetScarlet ClicksOjooo, and PTP & web surfing site like Rotate4all. You can see this list of website that pays in Paypal. You might think after seeing by the banner of NeoBux, Here it is showing that I have already earned more money than I have shown you ( currently it is $p6.58) but this is 1005 wrong they sum all reinvest, all earnings from other sources without Subtracting any money. If I would earn $2 in Neobux and Invest it to bu Rented Referrals, then on the earnings statistics banner it will be shown as “I have already earned $4”.Lastly, decisions are yours, I have shared my experience with you. If you think you can do better then you are welcome. This is only the review of Neobux Rented Referrals of NeoBux without any Investment. Maybe Investing can change the game. 

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