How to Get Direct Referrals in Paid To Click (PTC) Sites?

How to Get Direct Referrals in Paid To Click (PTC) Sites?

How to Get Direct Referrals in Paid to Click Sites Without any Investment?

If you are frustrated with not getting any Direct Referral to your Paid to Click (PTC) Accounts, I am here to help you to get some Direct Referrals into your Paid to click (PTC) account. These methods 100% free, which means you can get so many direct referrals without spending a single penny.

5 Best Way to Get Direct Referrals to Any PTC sites

Here are some Easy Methods which you can apply to your PTC sites i.e, currently in which you are working :

  • Refer to your friend
  • Use multiple devices to create multiple Accounts
  • Post Your Referrals Link in Social Media like Facebook.
  • Use Traffic Exchange Site
  • Create online Landing Page

Refer to your friend – Make your friend as Direct Referrals:

This is the most common and working method to get Direct Referrals to PTC Account. Your friend will also enjoy doing because Paid to Click sites are easy to earn some extra money online. But, sometimes your friend might not agree to work in Paid to Click sites, he might think these sites are all scam in that show some trusted PTC reviews to them, some payment proof, etc. Be careful, Don’t make them work in NEW Paid to Click sites, because nobody can guarantee to New launched sites and if that site scam you then your friend will never trust on you in your future. So, it is better to Work in some trusted Paid to Click Sites like Ojooo, Neobux, GPT planet, ScarletClick, etc.

Use Multiple Device to Create Multiple Paid to Click (PTC) Accounts:

Using multiple devices to create Multiples Accounts as your Direct Referrals is the Best way to get Direct Referrals to your PTC Accounts. Paid to Click sites doesn’t allow you to open multiple accounts on the same device therefore you have created multiple accounts using the smartphones of your family member. They mean Paid to Click sites allow you to use same wi-fi connection for Multiples Accounts. I personally use my household mobile to create multiple Accounts as my Referrals and I myself work on those sites.

Never Ever open multiple accounts of Same Paid to Click (PTC) sites on the same Device because they will suspend your Account Permanently. But you can use your account in your New Device if earlier that device is not used to open that PTC sites.

Posting Referrals Link in Social Media to get Direct Referrals in Paid to Click (PTC) Accounts:

This method is used almost 90% of people. So it becomes very common. Therefore Nowadays, it is not easy to get Referrals to them. Always post your Referrals Link with a payment proof (if you already had any) in Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups which are related to online earnings. This makes more chances of getting Referrals. You may also post your referral link in your WhatsApp Status.

Quote to post in Facebook Pages and Groups to get Direct Referrals:

Earn 50 $ monthly. Inbox me How?

Yes, Most of the people comment or they will Inbox you for sure. This is a personal experienced.

Use Traffic Exchange Sites to get Referrals to Paid to Click accounts:

Traffic Exchange sites are the websites which provide you traffic to tour link in exchange of traffic you give it to them. This is Simply “You visit my site I will visit Yours” 😀😀. The best traffic exchange site is

Create a Landing page of your Referrals Links to get referrals:

Nowadays, many people use this method to bring Referrals to their Paid to Clicks Accounts. This is the Best and Most Working method If you have multiple referrals links in which you want to bring some referrals.

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