How to Bypass Shorten URL to Destination Link?

How to Bypass Shorten URL to Destination Link?

How to Get the Target Link in a Shorten Link?

You may hear of Link Shortener or URL Shortener Site. If you don’t know exactly what is the URL Shortener site, what are the use of Link Shortener sites, then I am here to answer these questions. Now, you may saw in the movie downloading website, they often sent you to some different website to take a ride until you get the desired link to download your movie. Also, you may also saw whenever you tried to get them there were many same kinds of buttons, but whenever you clicked one of them to get the downloading link pop Ads came out and you will never get the link. But, this is not the case, the downloadable link actually exists but, but couldn’t able to Bypass the Shorten URL or link. 

What are Shorten URLs or Shorten Links:

Some Link of specified pages is Shorten using another website called Link Shortener, by which you will be redirected to different pages to get the required link. Those links are called Shorten URL  or Shorten Link. Links are make shorten to increase the revenue of the website original website in which you clicked the download link, Copy link whatever you have clicked. Now, most of the time you may not get the desired link, because you are unable to crack those shorten links. Here I am going to show you how to easily bypass or crack a Shorten link or URL?

How to Bypass Shorten URL or Link very easily, without any Popup?

There are many websites that you can use to shorten your link to earn money. It is not necessary to have a website to earn money by Link shortening. Learn how to earn money by using a URL shortening website. Now, Coming to the point I am going to show you how to bypass or extract the required link from a shortened link. Here I am taking shorten link which is shortened by using

Now let’s learn how to bypass the shorten URL to required Link Step by Step:

Step 1: Whenever you clicked (let us assume the download button or some viral URL) the link you will redirect to the website.

Step2: Here comes the main thing, Don’t ever click the “Click”“Click here to get the Link” or whatever button you can see immediately, without observing the whole page. Below you can see the first page of, where you will see a lot of “Verify” button, but find the unique one, here I marked the unique one which is on the bottom of the first page.

How to Bypass Shorten URL to Destination Link?
Click the Verify Button in

Step 3: Whenever you will click the Verify button you will be redirected to another page. Now, you will see a lot of continue button. Find the Unique one and also you will see a Captcha, Solve this and Click in the Unique “Continue” button. [note: in case popup came out then try clicking in background of the “continue” button] In some pages there is no captcha to go further, but when you see any captcha then solve before you you Click the unique button. Below you can see the examples.

How to Bypass Shorten URL to Destination Link?
Solve the Captcha to go further
How to Bypass Shorten URL to Destination Link?
Click the “Continue” button

Step 4: After you clicked the “Continue” button you will be redirected to another page where you will see a preview and detailed of the required page you wish to go in. Now, go below and Wait for the “timer” until the “Get Link” button appear. Click the “Get Link” button you will be at your destination.

Preview of your Destination Page
Locate the Timer Button in Shorten Link
How to Bypass Shorten URL to Destination Link?
Your Link is Ready – Click “Get link”

Above, I am explaining the trick to bypass the Shorten URL or Link by taking an example of Link Shorten by the Click the Try Now Button to try yourself.

Universal Tips to Crack a Shorten Link or URL to desired web page:

  • Never Click the most common button you can see, find the unique one, if popup comes out then try clicking the background of that unique button.
  • If there is no unique button then locate where the timer is running click that button.
  • If clicking in a button show you popup then never click the same again in any of the pages.

Here is little help by me which will help to bypass any shorten URL or Link. Many people don’t know how to get the required link and leave that site. This is the reason most of the people can’t download a movie any of the websites. If you are trouble with some Shorten URL let me know I  will help to bypass those links.

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