Get Paid in Paypal – 10 Best Website

Best websites to Money Online and get paid in Paypal

Best Online Earning Sites to Get Paid in Paypal – Earn with Zero Skills

10 Best Websites to Earn Money Online and Get Paid in PayPal

On this website, I had shared many websites from which you can earn money. Those sites I shared before is to earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies. I didn’t share much about the websites which pay directly into a bank or any e-wallet like PayPal. Now, Have you ever think that what you will do with those cryptocurrencies you earn form PTC (Paid to Click), Web Surfing sites or any other means. Probably you do nothing with other than storing your cryptocurrencies in your e-wallet. But take it in another sense I am simply telling you my experienced and also I am not talking about those people who make thousands of dollars in just a month.

A person like me can’t make this amount in just a single month. If you want to earn more on any website you must deposit money and to be honest I can’t even deposit a single penny. Forget about those cryptocurrencies site, let those reach people take care of these sites. Here I want to share some websites from which you will earn the PayPal dollar, the real money. These sites that pay in PayPal are PTC (Paid to Click), Web surfing, PTP ( Paid to Promote), GPT, URL Shorten, and a Mobile/windows/mac application. 

What is PTC (Paid to Click) site?

PTC stands for “Paid to Click” which means you will get rewarded for Clicking Ads. The number of Ads per day depends upon the site to sites and also the amount they pay for each ad you click. These sites act as the intermediate between Advertisers (who advertise on a particular website) and Consumers (Persons like me who click those ads). There are a lot of genuine and trusted Paid to Click (PTC) sites on the internet and also at the meantime, you will see a lot more of Paid to Click website that was newly launched. But the point most means 99% of those turn out scam. Here in this blog I also review some Paid to Click websites.

What is PTP sites?

PTP stands for Paid to Promote, which means you will earn by sharing or promoting their websites. The amount they pay for 1000 visits you deliver to their promoting link depends on website to website. I will make another post to make a list of best and high paying Paid to Promote (PTC) sites.

What is a GPT Site?

GPT stands for “Get Paid to”. In this type of site, you can earn money or you will be paid for participating in Surveys, Completing Offers, and a lot more things. GPT sites offer many ways to earn money online.
Unlike PTC sites GPT sites don’t offer only a single way to earn money online. This is the difference between GPT and PTC sites.

What is Web Surfing Site?

This is simple. Here you just need to surf websites to earn money. 
Now lets come to the main topic that I am supposed to discuss. 

10 Best Websites to Earn Money and Get Paid in PayPal:

Website NameWebsite TypePayment OptionLink
1.Rotate4allPTP & Web SurfingPayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill,
Payeer, PM, Revoult
join here
2.SuperpayGPTPayPal, Bitcoin etc.join here
3.Dollar ClixGPTPayPal, Visa, Amazon
join here
4.SwagBucksGPTPayPal, Amazon,
join here
5.Inbox DollarGPTPayPal, Amazon,
Ckeck etc. 
join here
6.NatclixPTCPayPal, Payeer, Bitcoin
join here
7.BancaPTCPayPal, Payeer etc.join here
8.HoneyGainSoftwarePayPaljoin here
9.GplinksURL ShortenerPayPal, UPI, Bitcoinjoin here
10.BuxInsideTE, PTCPayPaljoin here

There is lot more site from which you can earn a good amount of money and get paid in PayPal. But these sites are personally tested and most of the sites are very old. They are paying for many years. It is to be noted that some of the PTC sites I have provided are new. I can’t guarantee them. Also, I will try to make another list of PTC (Paid to Click) sites that pay in PayPal. The only reason I prefer to work on a site that pays in PayPal is that I believe in real money, not on the virtual one. Now, let’s see them one by one.

I don’t work much in GPT sites because I am village boy and my location doesn’t match survey. So I my self prefer to work in PTC and other type of website. I you are same please do the same. 

1. Rotate4all – Best PTP & Web Surfing to get paid in PayPal Payment Proof. Best Websites to earn money Online and Get Paid in PayPal.
Payment Proof from

This is the best and 100% legit website to get paid in PayPal as well as another way. Rotate4all is online since 2013. Here you can earn by promoting your referrals (PTP) link and by surfing web pages. You can earn up to $0.40 in a single day just by surfing which very high as compared to other PTC (Paid to Click) and web surfing sites. Rotate4all has different types of payout options, those are PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, AirTM, etc. I have already written a post about “how to maximize the earnings in Rotate4all?“.  Below I have also put a Screenshot of my payment proof from Rotate4all.
Join Rotate4all: link here

2. SuperPay – GPT sites to Earn Money Online

This is a GPT Sites that is online since 2012. They had already paid $3,148,981.53 to their members. As I already told you that I don’t much work in GPT sites, let’s have a quick look at SuperPay.Me.

  • $0.20 Signup Bonus
  • You can earn by Completing Surveys and Offers
  • Earn Point by watching videos, take parts in trial and covert these points to real money
  • Fast Payment within 24 hour
  • Payment method: PayPal, Bitcoin, Tango Gift Card, and Amazon gift card.

3. Dollar Clix – Earn by Completing Survey

This is also a GPT site means you will get rewarded for completing the different task. Without wasting any time lets have a quick look at Dollar Clix.

  • Mobile-Friendly Platform
  • Earn by completing surveys and offers
  • Earn bonuses for joining and every day for being active
  • Payout Method: PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.
  • Get share from your Referrals.

4. SwagBucks – Earn Cash for Doing everyday things Online

Swagbucks is also a GPT site that pays for completing different types of tasks. without wasting time Lets have a quick look at SwagBux.

  • Earn by Completing Surveys and Offers
  • Get cashback by Shopping online
  • Earn while watching an entertaining video
  • Earn by searching on the web. 
  • Mobile friendly
  • Payout Method: PayPal, Amazon, Freecharge.

5. Inbox Dollar : Earn Money Online for Free

This is an award-winning GPT site which is online since 2000. Here you can earn money just for doing online activities. The inbox dollar has a 4-star rating in trust pilot reviews. Let’s have a quick look at Inbox Dollar.

  • Earn money by Reading Emails
  • Get paid by watching TV
  • Earn money by playing games
  • Earn money by completing online surveys
  • Get $5 joining bonus
  • Earn money by winning a contest. 
  • Payout method: PayPal, Cheque Cash, Amazon gift cards, and all gift cards.

6. NatClix – Earn PayPal money by clicking ads

This is a newly launched PTC site. Generally, most of the PTC, later on, turn out into GPT sites but we called them PTC sites because they give priority for Paid to Click ads, and also you can grow your earnings only with the help of these Paid to Click Ads. Let’s have a quick look at Natclix.

  • Earn money by clicking the Advertisement
  • Get paid by watching YouTube videos
  • Get share from your Referrals
  • Rented Referrals (RR) available
  • Earn money by playing the Clix grid, Crack the Vault.
  • Payout option: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, PM, and Neteller.

7. Banca –  Paid to Click website

Banca is a newly launched PTC (Paid to Click) sites. Since most of the PTC sites have the same intensive to earn money so I am not going to discuss these PTC sites. Let’s have a quick look at Banca.Ltd. Also, you can read my reviews about Banca.Ltd.

  • Earn by clicking Ads
  • Earn by watching YouTube videos – for every 30 sec you will earn $0.02
  • Advertiser pack start from $5
  • Earn by completing offers and Playing coin flip
  • Payout option: PayPal, PM, and Payeer.

8. HoneyGain – Earn PayPal money doing nothing

This is a software that is available for both Android, Windows and IOS Devices. This software best those who want to earn money online and get paid in PayPal. Here you can earn money by just by sharing your data with a data scientist. For every 10 GB of data, you will earn $1. You can multiply your earnings by connecting your account to different devices with different networks. You are allowed to connect to up to 3 devices to the same IP but your earnings will decrease hear. It’s your choice to set the monthly data limit which you want to share with HoneyGain. I have written a post sharing some tips to maximize earnings in HoneyGain. 

If you are thinking about the Battery drainage and RAM consuming them you don’t have to worry about that. I have Samsung Galaxy J7 max but honestly, I didn’t feel any battery drainage and slowing my device. The minimum payout from HoneyGain is $20 in PayPal. Currently, HoneyGain has only PayPal as their payout option.

Join HoneyGain: link here (You will get $5 Bonus)

9. Gplinks – Shorten & Share your URL and Earn Money

Gplinks is a URL shortener website you can earn money and get paid in PayPal just by Shortening your URL and Sharing. If somebody clicks your link and goes to your destination site them you will get paid. They have a very high publisher rate of range between $3 to $8 per thousand visits. Here I have posted some tips to maximize the earnings in Gplinks. This is the most trusted URL shortening site. But remember one thing you will not get credited just for getting a visit to your link, the people who click your link must go to your destination link. I have already published a dedicated post on bypassing GPlinks Shorten URL. 

10. BuxInside – TE & PTC website to earn money online

BuxInside can be categorized as both TE (Traffic exchange) or a PTC (Paid to Click) website. Here you can earn money just by clicking advertiser ads and surfing websites. fro every 100 pages you surf you will get $0.01 and 50 TE credit which is very low as compared to rotate4all. There are some disadvantages to BuxInside. You can earn by promoting your referrals link on other sites but to get your referrals to link you have to click at least 100 fixed ads. I personally get only three fixed ads per day. Now you can calculate you much time it will take to get your own referrals links. But this site is very much trusted so I am sharing with you.

Which is best website to earn PayPal money?

If you have enough time to work in all of these sites than you can join every site. But just like me If you are a village boy, a student, or a boy from small-town it is better not to join any GPT sites because you will not qualify in the survey, and completing surveys is a prior incentive in a GPT site. If you have enough time to surf websites them you can join Rotae4all and don’t any time but want to work online to earn money them PTC sites are a good option for you and also you can just download HoneyGain.

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