Buxdev.com Review – Scam or Legit? Honest Review

Review for Buxdev.Com – Is Buxdev.com a Scam or Legit PTC sites?

It is very important to do some research, get some user feedback before working on any online website to earn some money. Nowadays making a website is not a big deal. So, all scammer comes and goes like a sunset. They come every time with a new website. Now, If you are thinking of Registering in Buxdev.com to earn some extra money online then this blog will help you out finding the answer to every question which are currently in your mind. That is why here is a complete review for buxdev.com.

When I was first introduced to PTC (Paid to Click) site by a friend, I wasted so many time registering and working on Scam PTC sites. I got nothing from them. So here I am helping you to about Buxdev.com – Is it Scam or Legit?

What is Buxdev.com – What are the features of Buxdev.com?

Buxdev.com is a Paid to Click (PTC) sites which were launched a few days back. This site offers Paid to click Ads to earn money as their main source of earning money by the user. Buxdev.com also offer money on promoting their website. It has mentioned that you can earn up to $1.5 per click and Referrals Commission up to $0.015 per Referral Click. They also offering $0.3bonus on registering. Below you can see what they offer to both Advertisers and Members.

Buxdev.com Benefits for Members
Buxdev.com Benefits for Advertisers

Benefits For Members in Buxdev.com – Fact Check

A review of the website is not done by only gathering information about, what types of scripts they are using, by seeing their Certification, etc. Here I am giving you a proper review of Buxdev.com which will be helpful to both Members and Advertisers. Coming to the point, I registered on Buxdev.comThree days back. I saw nothing special about them. There are no ads Available from which I could make $1.5 per click and Also practically, no advertiser will spend such a huge amount to get just a hit. This is not possible to make $1.5 per click, you couldn’t earn $0.015 per referrals Click. This is the first point Buxdev.com lied on the website. Secondly, there is no option inside the user panel to earn by promoting their site. This is the second lie. In the Banner option, you will find not a single banner to Advertise yours, Referral Link.

Benefits For Advertisers in Buxdev.com

Now for the advertiser, it is a very disadvantage that In all my Three days I clicked 18 Ads, but except for 2 or 3 websites, all other sites were blanks. Means, nothing was loaded when the timer was running and I got Rewarded the respective value for that website. This makes no sense of advertising to their site since the user will get nothing to see about your business.

Final Review for Buxdev.com – Conclusion

I would say that Buxdev.com is a 100% Scam site. Buxdev.com has very high trust Issue. It would be better to stay away from Buxdev.com. In the end, you will get nothing from Buxdev.com. Better you just start working in some most trusted PTC sites like Ojooo, Neobux, etc.

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