Banca.Ltd Review- Is Banca.Ltd Scam or Legit?

Banca.Ltd Review- Is Banca.Ltd Scam or Legit?

Reviews for Banca.Ltd Paid to Click Sites

If you are thinking to Earn Some Extra money online then PTC (Paid to Click) sites are one of the opportunity to earn some extra money online. Every month Lots of  PTC (Paid to Click) sites are launched, therefor you could earn lots of money. But, this is not the Fact most Of the PTC (Paid to Click) sites are Scam which will not pay you anything. Here is a review for Banca.Ltd, a Newly Launched PTC (Paid to Click) sites. We going to see whether Banca.Ltd a Scam or Legit sites.

I do not review PTC (paid to Click) sites by gathering information about Script used by PTC sites, their Certification, Look of the website, etc. Including this I also personally tested every site I review On this Website. Here you will get an Inside view of Banca.Ltd.

About Banca.Ltd – A Newly Launched PTC site.

Banca.Ltd is a new Company (Paid to Click sites) that offers service for people to make money online by doing a different task. This site currently has 3342 Member and They had already Paid $12.36 (at the time of I am writing this blog) as they Mentioned on their website. Banca.Ltd offers the following Method of Earning-

  • Paid to Click Ads
  • Offer
  • YouTube Videos (Paid to View -PTV)
  • Offerwall (which is very common in every PTC sites)

They are now offering Free Referrals (Condition Apply) and 50% off for buying Rented Referrals. Each Rented Referrals cost $0.1 for one month. Rented Referrals Limits is 200 for Standard Members. Recycle Price for each Rented Referrals is $0.05.Should I go for Rented or Direct Referrals? You can also Add Friends to your account. Also, you can see the member who is currently online inside the forum section. Banca.Ltd accepts Paypal, Payeer, and Netteler as their payment method.

Banca.Ltd Review- Is Banca.Ltd Scam or Legit?
You can see online Member in Banca.Ltd – Add them as your Friends

Is Buying Rented Referrals in Banca.Ltd is Profitable?

The cost of Buying a Rented Referral in Banca.Ltd is $0.1 and Earnings from each Rented Referrals in Banca.Ltd, if they clicked every ad is $0.001 for 15 Sec Ads. Look at the Simple Calculation below-

  • Buying 10 Rented Referrals in Banca.Ltd = 10 X 0.1 = $10,
  • Earnings from 1 Referrals in one day = $0.001
  • Earnings from 10 Referrals in one day = 10 X 0.001 = $0.01

Now, Monthly Earnings from 10 Referrals in Banca.Ltd = 30 X 0.01 = $3.00 . Means, You will get only $3.00 for spending $1. Therefore Buying Rented Referrals in Banca.Ltd is much Profitable. This Information is Provided by Admin of in their forum section. Also if you want to work in Banca.Ltd, try to get some Direct Referrals to make your earnings better. Here are tips to get Direct Referrals.

Banca.Ltd Review – My Honest Review for Banca.Ltd Website

Coming to the point, Banca.Ltd is not looked like a Scam PTC site, But no one can what will happen to this site in the future. So, it is better not to give the final review for The paying Statics shown on the website doesn’t look fake, Since the numbers are very less. Most of the New Launched PTC sites showed thousand of Dollar Payments at the beginning of their site which is not possible. Also, some points are there too from which we can say that may turn into Scam PTC sites.Banca.Ltd offers $0.008 for 60 Sec Ads and $0.002 for 15 Sec Ads, which is less as compared to some most trusted Paid to Click sites like Ojooo and Neobux. Also, there is no Video Ads available on the website. But this is acceptable for Banca.Ltd and Also Admin is very active in Forum.

Banca.Ltd Review- Is Banca.Ltd Scam or Legit?
Video Ads (PTV) in Banca.Ltd

Yes, If you want to work in Banca.Ltd to earn some extra money then you may work. But, Remember this is a very new website, so don’t invest in this site, Better you gather some Direct Referrals. Updated: Banca.Ltd is online for more than 3 months.

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Is Banca.Ltd Review for Withdrawal? Paying or Not?

I can not tell you exactly at this moment because I didn’t withdraw any money from Banca.Ltd. I am working on it and as soon as I will receive the money I will let you know. So, Please updated with us, you may subscribe through email. 

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