About Us

GetReviewTips website is about reviewing PTC Sites, online earning websites, URL Shortener websites, and many more. This website will contain a blog on whether a site is legit or scam, giving tips on how to earn money online, giving tips to maximize earnings from any websites, providing advanced strategy to earn a passive income.
getreviewtips.com is a Paid To Click (PTC) monitor and review website. Here we monitor all PTC programs and we also provide daily updates on PTC and other online earning sites.
We are based in India but our aim is to reach everyone all over the globe. This blog is highly recommended for people who are thinking of earning money online. Useful tips, videos, and blogs t will be available here. This blog provided all types of social media links such as Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, Twitter, etc.
We so review only after personally working more than a month. we test every website before we writing a review on the websites.
GetReviewTips gives the true rating, true reviews about each for each site we review. quick review tips gives  Tips, Strategy for working with PTC-Sites which will make you increase in earnings. All the new and old PTC sites link will be available here. 
Best Part of  GetReviewTips are :

  • Trusted
  • Personally tested for a month
  • Easy to Understand
  • Help to grow your profile
  • Help in Better Earning

This blog is highly recommended for those who seeking information regarding PTC sites, online earning tips, URL Shortener, etc.
I believe this website will be very helpful. This is a small contribution from me for the greater good. There are no hidden charges applied for the information provided. The information provided is free of cost.