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New! Alternatives in 2020 – Sites Similar to Paidverts

Paidverts Alternatives in 2020 | Sites Similar to in 2020

Review for – Paidvert Alternatives

If you are not happy with in 2020 and you are searching for some good legit site similar to Paidverts, then you are at the very right place. Here I am going to tell you about the Alternatives of in 2020.

In 2019 a new site which is similar to was launched. You may know about this site if you are using Paidverts. The site I am talking about is PTCshare is from the team of But earnings from PTCshare is not worth in 2020. I have already written a post on why PTCshare is not worth to work in 2020?

Now, what to do most trusted site has gone. Don’t worry there is still a site I am working in which is similar to

Alternatives of in 2020 – Site similar to

As I already mentioned above that is similar to Paidverts and also PTCShare is from the team of Paidverts. But is it a good alternative to Paidverts? No! working in is not a good option to fulfill the requirement of Paidverts like the site. I have explained in detail why PTCShare is downgrading day by day. Now, coming to the point is there any site that can replace in 2020 means, are there any good Alternatives of Paidverts in 2020? Yes!! Hits.Cash is going to be the Alternatives of PTCShare as well as Paidverts in 2020. Now let’s see what are the good services provided by Hits.Cash.

Alternatives of Paidverts & PTCShare : The biggest launched of 2020 – Hits.Cash

Why Hits.Cash is a good Alternatives of Paidverts in 2020?

to answer this question we have to discuss the features of Hits.Cash. This site is a very new site and launched at the beginning of 2020. As you already know this also works on the same business model that is used by You have to accumulate BAP (Bonus Ad point) to Get Paid to Click Advertisement. The minimum BAP amount needed to receive Paid Ads is 1840 BAP, and you will receive a $0.12 value of Ads daily. Hits.Cash has 14 levels of BAP group to earn money. You could earn up to $1594.20 daily if you accumulate the highest BAP group level. If you want to work without investment in Hits.Cash then you have to wait for 11 Days to receive your first Paid Ads. You will receive a total of 12 BAP Ads daily and for each, you will receive 15 BAP. Means you will earn 180 BAP each day. In my next post, I will try to write a post on the strategy to earn in Hits.Cash effectively.

Now, What is the payment options does Hits.Cash has? – has Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money as their payment method. Here is an important point that you should know. If you make a purchase with Bitcoin then you will not be able to withdraw money on other Payment and vice versa.

Is it good to work in Hits.Cash – A alternative of

Yes! 100% If you want to make some extra money online then you are welcome. Hits.Cash is providing the best opportunity to earn a passive income. I strongly recommend you to work on Hits.Cash. As I already told you in my next post I will give you my strategy as well as my payment proof from Hits.Cash. Do remember one thing Never Invest in any New Websites if you can’t afford any loss. Be careful with that.

Now, If you are ready to work in Hits.Cash the please register with the button below.
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